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Sexually abused San Diego teenager Diego, in trouble for his violent temper, finds understanding and reasons for self-acceptance in the wise and caring counsel of his gay parole officer Mr. Vidas.

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Sunday You Learn How to Box

In the late 1960s, 14-year-old Louis Bowman, who lives in a Connecticut housing project, deals with his dysfunctional family as he comes out.

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Touching Snow

Karina's mother has remarried and moved the family, Haitian immigrants, to the suburbs to get away from the dangers of Brooklyn, NY. But for Karina and her sisters their new home is far more dangerous, living with an abusive stepfather who brutally beats them. Told in flashbacks, the story shows how Karina's struggles at home and at school, as well as her burgeoning relationship with Rachel, a girl she meets at the community center.

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