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From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between

Eleven-year-old Alice Bunt has just moved to the suburbs from Boston and will be attending middle school in the fall. Before school starts she befriends Zen, a boy from the neighborhood who is her polar opposite. Stay tuned as Alice and Zen navigate their way through middle school.

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Holly's Secret

When she moves from Manhattan to rural Massachusetts and starts middle school, eleven-year-old Holly reinvents her life, deciding to change her name to Yvette and hide the fact that her two moms are lesbians.

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Royally Jacked

Life takes an unexpected turn when fifteen-year-old Valerie's mom comes out, divorces Valerie's father, and moves in with her lesbian girlfriend. Then things get even worse when Valerie's dad, a diplomat, moves the family to Europe. But then Valerie meets the prince ...

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