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From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between

Eleven-year-old Alice Bunt has just moved to the suburbs from Boston and will be attending middle school in the fall. Before school starts she befriends Zen, a boy from the neighborhood who is her polar opposite. Stay tuned as Alice and Zen navigate their way through middle school.

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Holly's Secret

When she moves from Manhattan to rural Massachusetts and starts middle school, eleven-year-old Holly reinvents her life, deciding to change her name to Yvette and hide the fact that her two moms are lesbians.

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Love & Lies: Marisol's Story

In this sequel to *Hard Love*, Marisol takes a year off between high school and college to write a novel and falls in love with her creative writing teacher, Olivia.

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Map of Ireland: A Novel

Ann's junior year is complicated by the forced busing of Black students to her formerly all-White high school, forcing Ann to deal with her racist environment while coping with being a lesbian in an inter-racial relationship.

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My Most Excellent Year: A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins, and Fenway Park

Three high school friends, including a fun, proud, and just about out-of-the-closet gay young man, tell about their 'excellent' ninth-grade year.

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Openly Straight

High school junior Rafe leaves his accepting parents, his accepting school, and his accepting Colorado hometown to start life over at an all-boys boarding school where he decides not to come out as gay. As he navigates his new identity as a jock and a "boy's boy," the strain of keeping his secret begins to take its toll.

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Secrets of Truth and Beauty

At age seven, Dara was a darling pageant winner; at 17, she has gained weight and anger, leading her to discover her runaway sister on a farm commune for lesbians and others rejected by their families, including a gay high school senior.

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Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel

High-school junior Leila Azadi suddenly and unexpectedly falls hard for Saskia, the beautiful and sophisticated new girl at school. Leila finds herself taking risks she never would have before.

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What's in a Name

Residents are considering changing the name of their town from Scrub Harbor to Folly Bay, polarizing the local population. Against this backdrop, local high school students explore their identities, including a boy who is about to come out. Each chapter is narrated by a different teen.

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